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 Review: Retail Box Secret Box December 2015

Receiving packages in the post is one of my favourite things. Seriously. When I lived in London, and I’m not too embarrassed to admit I had a bit of an eBay addiction, nothing made me happier than getting all these little parcels to open and get excited about. Like a kid at Christmas, but, like, every day. Unfortunately I lost that delight when I moved back to SA, so you can imagine my glee when there was a ‘ding dong’ at the door the other day, and the nice Mr Delivery Man handed me my Retail Box Secret Box for December.  Now, I might be a bit late on the trend train, but this was my first subscription box, and I loved it. After unwrapping the courier bag, the first thing that greets you is this intoxicating aroma. Seriously, I gave myself a few minutes just to sniff it before unwrapping it properly to find out what was inside (I know, I know, I’m a total creeper).
  It’s so fun to peel open the wrapping, and see what delightful gifties are inside. The first thing I found was this sweet little note, which totally bought a smile to my face.

But inside… oooh, inside…. were all sorts of exciting things!

Included in this edition were Sebastian Trilliance ShampooSebastian Trilliance Conditioner and Sebastian Trilliant Protect and Shimmer (I suspect this one is responsible for the divine smell).
The combined value of these products is almost R900, and considering you only pay only R370 for the box, that’s a pretty wicked deal on premium hair care.  I’ve heard friends of mine complain about other subscription boxes that they got a bunch of samples and were pretty disappointed, but I have to say that I was bowled over by the contents of this one and think it’s terrific value for money. It’s also a great way to discover new products, as is my case. I put the goodies to the test, and this is what I thought:

Sebastian Trilliance Shampoo

What they say about it: “Featuring rock crystal extract, the shampoo creates a foundation for your styling regime by cleansing and polishing hair to reveal a natural looking shine. Suitable for all hair types, Trilliance Shampoo removes unwanted residues and smooths the cuticle layer to give your hair’s surface greater light reflection. Sebastian hair products help you to create styles that you dream of.”

What I thought: “I’ve been battling with residue build up on my hair for a while now, so this shampoo was a welcome surprise. I hate that feeling when you wash your hair and rinse it thoroughly, but when it’s dry it still feels like it has product on. The shampoo stripped it all off, and like the bottle says, feels squeaky clean and shiny after use. Plus (and I don’t know if this is just me going crazy) but my hair seems to last about a day longer that before for needing a wash. Hmmmmm….

Sebastian Trilliance Conditioner

  What they say about it: “The innovative formula creates a dazzling foundation by cleansing and polishing hair for a beautiful natural shine. Enriched with rock crystal extract Sebastian Professional Trilliance Conditioner smoothes roughened cuticles into a light-reflecting surface, leaving a gorgeous natural shine and the perfect base for styling.”

What I thought: After a recent ‘re-blondening’, my hair’s been feeling pretty dry and crispy. Yuck! This conditioner seems to put just the right amount of moisture for regular use in, without leaving it with that weird residue I was complaining about above. I think supplementing it with a fortnightly moisture treatment – or just putting it in and letting it soak for 40 minutes – would probably be the perfect combo for hair in my condition.

Sebastian Trilliant Protect and Shimmer

What they say about it: “Sebastian Professional Trilliant features a multifaceted complex with rock crystal extract that is designed to gently condition hair and provide heat protection. The hair product adds ultra-light body and a shimmering soft, smooth finish to your hair to leave it looking sparkling. Sebastian professional are known for their experimentation of all things colour and shapes to create fearless hair fashion. With a thirst for innovation and changing the game of hair styling, Sebastian hair products help you to create styles that you dream of.”

What I thought: First of all, the fragrance of this is ah-may-zing. I like to rub a little in my hands and comb through my hair before blow drying (I don’t straighten very often) and this seems to leave it with a slinky smoothe and straight finish that is great for regular wear.

My verdict: I thought the box was awesome. I would definitely order again for good quality hair care at an amazing rate – not to mention having something fun to look forward to in the post, of course!

If you’re interested in ordering your own or finding out more, click here.


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