Review: Dial a Stylist

Recently one of my readers contacted me to let me know she’d started a new business. Her company, Dial A Stylist, is a very affordable way of getting dolled up before a night out. Starting at R45 per treatment, Kim will come to your home to do your hair before you go out. Her range of services include blow drying, hair straightening, curling and upstyles, amongst others.

Her super relaxed personality makes it feel as if you’re chatting with a friend before heading out – not to mention how convenient it is to have her come to you in your own home!

I had a special dinner last week, and decided to try out her services. I also set her a real challenge: I wanted a pinup hair-do that I hadn’t yet tried yet. This is how it turned out:
  With layer upon layer of hairspray, she mastered a barrel roll across the top of my head. As you know with pinup hair – bigger is always better.  I got even more excited when I saw the back. How cool do my mermaid tips look in a curled ponytail like this?
  We both agreed that the flower was the perfect touch. Annnnnnd here’s the finished get-up.

It was a great pleasure using Dial A Stylist, and I would certainly do it again when suffering through a bad hair day, or if I wanted to feel that extra bit special. Now… what should I challenge her with next time?

Kim is contactable via her Facebook page.



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