Plus size style file: Anna of Glitter and Lazers

For my answer to Woman Crush Wednesdays, I’m starting a series of plus size Style Files with bloggers, both local and international, that I love.

For my very first one, I could think of none better than my InstaSoulMate, Glitter!
From the minute I discovered her on Instagram, I’ve been crazy in love with this funky, US-based blogger and yogi. Not only does she really know how to rock the funkiest of fashions, but she is a total inspiration for being fit and healthy at any size. Plus she makes me lol a whole lot, which is pretty high on my hierarchy of needs.


Check out my Q&A with Anna below:

Tell us a bit about yourself:
My name is Anna, but I go by Glitter. I’m not sure how I started getting called that ( I never introduce myself that way), but it’s so common that even my coworkers will occasionally call me Glitter. I work for technology start-up, which I love. Most people don’t know that I am super hardcore geek – I have a master’s in statistics and love studying languages. That said, I am a loud person, who usually puts her foot in her mouth. I would like to submit the animated gif my coworkers made of my slightly tipsy dance moves at a conference as evidence. There’s never a dull moment, but always am there to support people when they need me, so i have the carte blanche to be me. I guess I am pretty damn lucky.

How do you define your style? 
I suppose I would define my personal style as if Elton John, Grace Jones and Mae West some how managed to have a love child. The three of them.. yes, all three.

Who inspires your style? 
Most of the things I wear have a story behind them. I suppose it those stories that inspire my outfits. I like to feel like I’m telling a story with what I wear. Like I am bringing to life a new voice through fashion.


How many pairs of shoes do you own?
So this reminds me of a story. I once stopped seeing a fabulous guy I was dating just because he thought I spent too much on a pair of shoes. Do not try to come between a glitter-obsessed girl and her shoes, ok? That’s just crossing a line. Back to the question at hand… I am not exactly sure how many I have… maybe 40? I buy quality over quantity and when I find a pair i love…. well I wear them to death.

Which is your favourite fashion item at the moment?
SCARVES!!!!!! I can make the same bland black dress look like 5 different looks just by working that scarf in a different way. [You can see Glitter’s awesome tutorial on how to tie a scarf 7 different ways here].


What does the term ‘body positivity’ mean to you?
It means loving yourself regardless. I say regardless because I think it’s stupid to ever aspire to not dislike things about yourself. If you assume you’re perfect, that just leads to unnecessary vanity and arrogance. Heaven knows the world does not need more of that.  Looking at ourselves rationally and with love allows us the opportunity to find inspiration on how we can grow and change into the best person we can be. However, noting an area for improvement is not the same thing as belittling oneself as individual because of a flaw. One is a catalyst for enlightenment, the other in path to self destruction.

What are your ‘secrets’ for learning to love your body?
Here’s my big tip. Stop focusing on your body like it’s the only damn piece  in the puzzle of who you are. Constantly I see women trying to put ther entire worth on their bodies and it makes me tremendously sad. Bodies are hard to predict. In some cases we have no control of the cards we were dealt. However when you focus on finding out your talents building out who you are – you have a lot of room to define and create the beautiful person you want to be.

The body is just a small piece of your identity. It’s a box, a storage unit. Storage units aren’t exciting. But you know what is? All the crazy weird, wonderful shit inside them. They all hold different, unique and personal things. So fill up that storage unit and stop giving a shit if the outside is a bit rusty.


Who has been the most important person in your journey to body positivity? Can you tell me about him or her?
Honestly, myself. I took a lot of time to build and develop my skills through self exploration. It sounds like a smoked something and joined a cult, but really getting to know myself and my needs helped me love myself.

What is the most important lesson in confidence you’ve learned, and from who?
I once volunteered for a prom like dance for kids with special needs. I remember going there and having more fun dancing and partying than ever before, because no one cared what they said, looked like or did. It was extremely mind opening to me. If I could just stop giving a shit about what other people thought, life could be a lot more fun. And you know what? It’s 100% true.

What wisdom would you pass on to someone at the beginning of their body positivity journey?
Learn to find things you like about yourself that aren’t related to your looks. The years I spent so much time trying to make myself look better are hilariously the years I looked and felt the worst. I was trying to fit in someone else’s mold. However when I explored my own interests, found confidence and experimented with how my body allowed me to celebrate those thing- that’s when all the sudden I became “beautiful”.


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