Plus size Cath.Nic pants

Plus size pants: bootleg panel pants from Cath.Nic at Queenspark

Plus size Cath.Nic pants

Pants. Me and pants. Pants and me.
Well, the thing is, we have a precarious relationship.
We’re not quite estranged – but we’re not exactly besties either.
I think my first reservation is comfort. I have a pretty tender tummy situation, and can’t stand anything that comes tight in my waist. Pants always seem to do that – jab you in the waist with their buttons and belts and buckles. Urgh.

Then there’s the whole not being able to hide your ass thing – historically anyway. I remember, as a teen, not being able to wear pants without tying a shirt around my waist so that you couldn’t see my butt. I intended it to look casual, like ‘Oh, hey, I was wearing this shirt/jersey/hoodie (the bigger the better) but got too hot and didn’t want to put it down so I just tied it round my waist,’ but really it was co-ordinated like that intentionally, as part of my outfit. And the thought of walking around without my ‘safety shirt’ – well, you might as well have asked me to take a wander in my underwear.

But in recent years, as documented in these very tomes, I’ve become more accepting – nay, appreciative – of my body – even my butt. And then winters like these come along, and you think ‘Heck I love my frocks, but good golly gosh they don’t cover my legs and dagnabbit I’m cold.’ And so you consider pants. Leggings and jeggings have both had a role in my closet, but pants – well pants have remained pretty elusive.

And then on my customary perusal of Queenspark, I discovered these babies:

Plus size Cath.Nic pants

They’re by Cath.Nic – a brand exclusive to Queenspark, which has a younger, edgier appeal (you can see my muchly-adored Cath.Nic leopard print frock here).

I haven’t been so wild about the panel trend in general, but I really liked the print of these guys – a kind of gloss geometric pattern on the matt fabric. And they felt soft – so soft – so screw it. I tried them on.

Plus size Cath.Nic pants


Dude! They’re so comfy! The size 18 was a great fit (I’m usually round a 20), and the waist didn’t cut in the tender bits of my tummy – or anywhere, come to think of it. The biggest surprise was I kind of like the silhoutte they cut on me – guys, I like my butt in these pants. That’s pretty big. (Pun intended, smartass).

Plus size Cath.Nic pants

I also like that they can be dressed down for a casual, more edgy look, or up for work or a night out. (HAHAHAHAHAHAH LIKE I EVER GO OUT AT NIGHT.)

Plus size Cath.Nic pants

(Let’s just pretend you can’t see my comfy sports bra peeking out in the below pics – it’s what happens when you have your blog pics taken by your grumpy instahusband half an hour after you’re already meant to be at friends for dinner).

Plus size Cath.Nic pants Plus size Cath.Nic pants

Worn above with my trusty Isabel de Villiers coat.

So whaddaya think? Do I pull them off?


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