Plus size OOTD: The modern day power dress


“Dunn, dunnn dun-dun, dunnnn, dunnnn dun-dun, I’VE GOT THE POWERRR!”
That’s the song that plays in my head when I wear this tulip dress from Revelation Fashion. (If it’s stuck in your head now, you can listen to it here).

It’s something about the shoulder pads, and the perfect draping. I feel like I could take on the boardroom, or make a carnivorous venus fly-trap with an insatiable thirst for human flesh submit to my will. (There’s was something about the leafy greenhouse we were shooting, ok?).

Total bonus that it’s really flattering to the curvy figure, and my favourite shade of blue.

What y’all think?

IMG_6004_Snapseed IMG_6030_Snapseed IMG_6035_Snapseed copy IMG_6085_Snapseed copy MindtheCuves_accessories

Dress: Revelation Fashion
Shoes: Madison
Necklace: Like Clockwork Steampunk Jewelry
Makeup: Delicia Krause
Photographer: Alison Westwood
Shot on location at Banksia Boutique Hotel


Take some body positivity, add some plus-size fashion and lifestyle, sprinkle with humour and quirk, top with pearls and you have


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    I LOVE this piece.

    Its amazing! I have muscular thighs from years of dancing in my childhood. Hours of Ballet, Modern Hip Hop and Tap have made for some pretty sturdy legs. However my genetics and comfort eating over the years also made for some sturdy legs with extra layers to keep them warm roflol.

    I love my legs actually and am always looking a ways to show off the slightly curvier shape. I have a tiny waist and then some-Its how got stuck with D Cup Breasts. It’s an odd shape to dress, and I was a tomboy much of my life. In fact I actually dont associate with any specific gender dress role anyway. I love guys clothes and woman’s, and dont think they should be specific to any “gender”. Where what makes you feel good.

    Anyway here I am reading your post and looking at that dress. Its amazing! I love everything about it. The way it shapes and holds but is also feminine and sexy. I need one in every color. I totally see why you would feel that you could take on the world in that. Its the best!

    Thank you! Saving up for mine asap!

    • The Girl in the Pearls

      The Girl in the Pearls

      Hi Cee,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I’m so glad you like the dress – it definitely is something special!
      I think you have it totally right. Finding confidence in what you wear is all about finding your own style, and wearing things that make you feel good. No matter if they’re in ‘fashion’ or not, or if they’re men’s clothing or women’s clothing.
      So, keep rocking it sister! XXXX

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    Wow. I have been catching up on your posts and this is may favourite so far (love them all though). You look incredible!! That dress!!! And your hair!!! You are stunning.

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