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Nail art ideas: Valentine’s Day nail art

With the annual day of shlock and snoochies coming up tomorrow, it’s the perfect excuse for a little bit of nail art with a theme.

Nail art prodigy Roxy of Hallo Pragtig and I put our heads together, and this is what we came up with: 

I adore how this one turned out – on-theme, for sure, but also chic with an Eiffel Tower and pink poodle kinda vibe.

Here’s how to create the look yourself.

What you need for Valentine’s Day nail art:

  • a base and top coat
  • Pastel pink, black and gold nail polishes or gels. We used: Bluesky Shellac A21 (black), Bluesky Shellac 80547 (pink), Gelish All that glitters is gold (glitter), Artistic Colour Gloss Gorgeous (plain gold).
  • a striper brush, oval brush and dotting tool

Step 1: Paint the base colours

Remove all traces of previous polish. File and buff nails into desired shape. Apply and bake two layers of base coat, before applying base colours. We did the middle finger gold glitter, pointer and ring fingers in pink, and thumb and pinkie fingers black. Apply as many coats necessary per colour to get a solid base coat. On average, we applied three.

Step 2: polkadot nail art

Using the dotting tool, apply dots all over the pointer nail. start by creating a line down the centre of the nail, and then build out from there with even spacing. Bake and then apply top coat.

Step 3: striped nail art

Using a striping tool, create lines across your ring finger nail. Start by doing the top and bottom lines, and then do the centre one in order to space them evenly. Bake and then apply top coat.

Step 4: Glitter heart nail art

To add a glitter heart over the stripes, first paint it in a plain gold. Make sure to do it small enough that you can still see the stripes behind. Bake. Then, using an oval brush, add gold glitter to give it that special bling. You can dab the glitter onto ab absorbent makeup pad to absorb all excess liquid leaving you with just the glitter, if that helps. Bake and apply top coat.

Eh voila! Something fun, funky and a little girly too! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

If, like me, you don’t have the skills or equipment to do fun and lasting nail art, give Roxy a call on 079 086 7741, or message her through her website. You can also follow Hallo Pragtig on Facebook for more amazing nail art ideas.


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