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Nail art ideas: Mermaid nail art

My hands have always been a part of me that I’ve felt particularly self-conscious about. To start, my nails kinda hook over, which gives them something of a ‘witchy’ effect, and more over they’re never terribly well kept, given my fondness for activities from cooking to crafting and gardening. Regular nail polish never lasts more than a day or two at a time before chipping off, and I get annoyed when I have to repaint it every couple days.

Enter stage left – Roxy Schmidlin, nail artists and owner of Hallo Pragtig. Roxy doesn’t just paint your nails – she turns your hands into works of art.

No challenge is too great – from the time I asked her to paint my nails like my dress for my Rockabilly Birthday Bash, to doing wee batties and spiderwebs for Halloween.

Her medium of choice is Shellac – a gel nail polish unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. It stays on incredibly well throughout all the abuse I put my hands through, and basically I only need to remove it when the paint grows out.

My most recent challenge was for mermaid nail art – to match my mermaid hair, obviously! Roxy embraced the challenge with her usual gusto, and I’m thrilled with the result. We put together a little step-by-step guide for anyone wanting to try do it to themselves.

What you need for mermaid nail art:

  • base coat
  • five pastel colours of your choice, and black paint. (We used Bluesky Shellac Dc105, A103, DC115, A21, 80599, 80547 and A103).
  • a gel striper
  • top coat

Step one:

Remove all traces of previous polish. File and buff nails into desired shape. Apply and bake two layers of base coat, before applying pastel colours. We applied three coats of the colour.

Step two:

Using the gel striper brush and black paint, to paint the scales. Start in the middle of each nail as close to your cuticle as possible, and then work outwards before moving up.

Step three:

Set with a layer of top coat, and voila, you’re done! Pretty simple to explain – but how stunning is the final effect?

If, like me, you don’t have the skills or equipment to do fun and lasting nail art, give Roxy a call on 079 086 7741, or message her through her website. You can also follow Hallo Pragtig on Facebook for more amazing nail art ideas.



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