My Rockabilly Birthday Bash

A couple weeks ago I celebrated my 30th birthday, and in true Meg fashion threw a big themed party. While I’m the furtherest thing from a ‘party-party’ girl (you’d be hard-pressed to find me up past midnight and I drink less alcohol than a mormon), I do have a soft spot for themed bashes.

Previous jaunts include Daydreams and Nightmares, Addams Family, Halloween and a Chap Olympiad, and after each one, I’ve said ‘never again!’. Not because they weren’t a complete blast, but gosh they’re a lot of work. This one was no different.

The goals for my parties are usually:

  • dressing up (like I need an excuse)
  • to get all my favourite people in the same place and encourage them to mingle and meet eachother
  • amazing food
  • a gimmick or event that doesn’t put people on the spot, but makes it more fun than just sitting around drinking

After toying with a few alternative ideas, I (along with my party-planning committee of close friends who are ridiculously supportive of my OTT follies) settled on the rockabilly theme. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world after my increasing pinup immersion over the past year, and once we decided on it we couldn’t possibly contemplate doing anything else.

My first stroke of luck was that my bestie, who was killing time in Sandton after a meeting, spotted the PERFECT dress for me on sale at City Chic. She got it for me and I snaffled it away, keeping it for the special date.

Mind the Curves rockabilly


A couple victory rolls, winged liner and red lips on the night, and I totally looked the part. Oh yeah, not to forget the amazing nails Roxy from Hallo Pragtig did for me to match my perty frock.

I mean, seriously. How incredible is that detail work?

Next important step was to choose the venue. My beau and I have long-loved On A Roll Dog Kitchen in Mowbray, not just for it’s mouthwateringly scrumptious gourmet nommies, but the festive atmosphere as well. The spot could not possible be more perfect for my vision. As my guestlist continued to grow to 80 people, I ended up booking out the entire venue, and it was such a spoil to have the space all to ourselves. They were also super tolerant of all our shenanigans, and service was amazing, so all in all hosting it there was a complete dream.

Source: dogkitchen.co.za
Source: dogkitchen.co.za

Next was planning the fun and games. After lots of deliberation, the Committee and I settled on a Rockabilly-themed scavenger hunt, which included a series of tasks and dares (and a strong injection of my weird sense of humour).

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 12.12.44 PM

I think the question I was asked that night the most was ‘what’s a foeff?’.

It was so great to see everyone rushing around to complete their tasks, and friends that didn’t know eachother at all finding a reason to strike up convo.

Some of my favourite tasks were the Pinup names (I assigned this to one of my more ‘creative friends’ and was very satisfied to see people wandering around with name tags reading ‘Rocky Powerthrust’ and so on.)

People loved getting their stick-on tattoos (an awesome assortment of dragons and butterflies from China Town – BOOYAH!)

Hot Rod racing consisted of people using straws to blow toy cars across a table, which was also good fun.

And then, of course, there was Fifi Foxtrot (my vivacious friend Fae) teaching her dance moves. In our heads, we all totally felt like the below clip (but no doubt in reality looked nothing the like).

As mentioned, the other important element for me was the food. What more perfect for a rockabilly party than hot dogs. And On A Roll’s hotdogs are like nothing on earth (Bockwurst Sausage topped with Roast Butternut, Crispy Bacon & Sage Cream; Bratwurst Sausage topped with Camembert Cheese, Caramelised Figs, Baby Leaves and a Balsamic Glaze). It was a slam dunk.

Source: dogkitchen.co.za
Source: dogkitchen.co.za

And what would a party be without cupcakes? I put my skills from my side business Custom Cupcakes to use, and with the help of Simone from Yellow Papaya, we created these babies, amongst others.

My night was totally made when my darling friend Caryn presented me with this cake she made for me. I mean, have you ever? Her little monster claws were even painted! She had a flower in her hair! (Any quips about the striking resemblance will be met with a scalding glare).

The other finishing touch that totally made the night for me was having Miss Hepburn Photography there running a photo booth. She really captured the fun spirit of the evening, and it was even cooler that she could print the pictures out on the spot for people to take home like polaroids.


Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 7.22.32 AM Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 7.22.10 AM

At the end of the night I was utterly overwhelmed and completely exhausted – frantic that I hadn’t had a chance to speak to all my dear friends that came to celebrate with me, but a very happy girl nonetheless. I had a blast, and no doubt will remember my big 3-0 bash until the end of my days.

Oh yah, and after all that work, I’m never throwing a themed-party again.

… well, not until next time anyway.




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