iPhone photography course in Kalk Bay

I was recently invited to spend an afternoon learning how to take better photographs with my iPhone. While the thought of ambling around Kalk Bay for an afternoon and upping my photography game already sounded fun to me, I was also secretly hoping that my reluctant insta-husband would join me  and learn a thing or two about taking my OOTDs. Turns out, we both did.

The course runs over a couple hours as you make a loop in picturesque Kalk Bay, which has plenty of fodder for budding photographers. Our guide, professional photographer Trevor Samson, starts with a short talk with some key pointers on taking better photographs, and then we set off on our walk. The groups are small and intimate, and the real lessons kick in when Trevor stops us at key vantage points, and spends quality one-on-one time working with you while you take photographs. I found this kind of practical lesson both immensely fun and informative, and Trevor’s gentle but brilliant input both inspired and elevated my photography game. The individual attention of this course is a definite USP. Trevor is also chock full of interesting info about Kalk Bay, which adds a whole new dimension to the tour.

The tour ends in a cozy coffee spot, where Trevor reviews the learnings, and runs the group through ways of editing your pictures to get that professional finish – as well as how to save ‘meh’ pictures. We get to check out the pictures taken by the rest of the group, and it’s always amazing to see how different people interpret the same things so differently!

To book your own ‘Ways of Seeing’ tour, contact Trevor on 083 5183949, or email him here: trevorsamson@telkomsa.net

Below are some of my favourite shots from the day:




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