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    Steven Universe – a body positive cartoon

    Last week, as I was trying on a pile of winter sale jerseys, I was privy to the chit-chat of two tweenage girls one cubicle over. From the sizes of clothing they discussed, I gathered they were around 11 years old. For a while, they giggled delightedly while they taught each other ‘model poses’ that they were evidently admiring in the mirrors, but their mirth turned sour when one of the girls decided she looked fat in whatever item she had tried on. “I could wear it if I sucked my tummy in the whole time,” the girl told her friend. “Don’t worry,” her friend consoled her, as the first…

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    On why I started blogging on the first place

    Oh haaaai. Remember me? I was recently surprised with a link to an interview I did with W24 some time ago, which just got published. Aside from cringing at the sight of myself in video (do I really have such an expressive face?), and lolling my pants off at the fact that it’s filed under ‘celebrity gossip’, it was a little reminder about why I started this whole blog thing in the first place. Give it a watch and let me know what you think. Original article here. Love love love.

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    Plus size active wear: Mermaids and Unicorns

    Sometimes, despite the very best intentions, we fall flat. Take, for example, my ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ for 2016. Towards the end of 2015 I reached a point in my body acceptance journey where I was over rebelling against what I was told I could and couldn’t wear and pulling my middle finger at the diet industry, and felt ready to move into a phase of nurturing my body. I felt – and still feel – that loving your body means looking after it as best you can, by eating healthily and exercising. (The key to my belief here is that – different to what they had meant to me before –…

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    Plus size ‘super model’ Ashley Graham stars in music video

    A huge win for body diversity in mainstream media today as a music video by popstar Joe Jonas landed starring plus size ‘super model’ Ashley Graham. While pop isn’t exactly my cup of tea, I totally love how Ashley’s beauty is celebrated in the video for ‘Toothbrush’ – every inch of it. She prances around in her underwear like it ain’t no thang (not that it should be!) and it’s totally gorgeous. She’s not treated any differently than I imagine they would have treated a thinner model, and that sends such a powerful message. Yay for Ashley, yay for Joe, and yay for everybody who celebrates bodies of every shape,…

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    #IAmMe – Evans plus size clothing is live in South Africa!

    It’s with great excitement that we can finally say – UK plus size clothing brand Evans is now live on Spree! I have vicariously been a long-time fan of the brand, seeing some of my UK plus size blogger/activist sisters taking part in their #IamMe and #StyleHasNoSize campaigns. The brand has a brilliant reputation not only for high-quality, fashion forward clothing for plus sizes, but also for championing a movement for confidence in larger women, and for empowering all women to feel beautiful – the same values that are close to my heart. So, when Spree approached me with the news that they were bringing the brand to our shores…