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    Plus size dress review: Sweetheart neckline dress from BGN Workshop

    I have a thing with frocks. Have you noticed? I’m happiest when I’m in a frock. In all my best memories, I’m wearing a frock. Definitely getting married and giving birth, in a frock. The world is just better, in frocks. So, when BGN Workshop offered me a dress from their new line to review, I said FROCK YEAH! (guys, I totally just came up with that). :,D It was hard to pick a favourite to go with – this plus size brand caters for a number of tastes, from my more classic, feminine fit ‘n flair favourites, to summery maxi’s, elegant evening-wear and casual day-wear. It came down to…

  • Plus size Cath.Nic pants

    Plus size pants: bootleg panel pants from Cath.Nic at Queenspark

    Pants. Me and pants. Pants and me. Well, the thing is, we have a precarious relationship. We’re not quite estranged – but we’re not exactly besties either. I think my first reservation is comfort. I have a pretty tender tummy situation, and can’t stand anything that comes tight in my waist. Pants always seem to do that – jab you in the waist with their buttons and belts and buckles. Urgh. Then there’s the whole not being able to hide your ass thing – historically anyway. I remember, as a teen, not being able to wear pants without tying a shirt around my waist so that you couldn’t see my…

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    Plus size dress: Joolz Fashion V Dress in Lemon and Lavendar

    My fella will be quick to tell you, if the house is quiet and he’s not sure where I am, I’m likely to be snuggled up somewhere on Instagram looking at dresses. I’d list “looking at dresses” high up there among my favourite things to do to relax (right next to playing a boardgame or watching The Walking Dead). One of the reasons I like “looking at dresses” so much is the amazing style inspiration, but I also love seeing beautiful women of all shapes and sizes across the world feel beautiful in what they’re wearing. Another reason is that it’s a great way to discover up-and-coming plus size designers –…

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    Plus size active wear: Mermaids and Unicorns

    Sometimes, despite the very best intentions, we fall flat. Take, for example, my ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ for 2016. Towards the end of 2015 I reached a point in my body acceptance journey where I was over rebelling against what I was told I could and couldn’t wear and pulling my middle finger at the diet industry, and felt ready to move into a phase of nurturing my body. I felt – and still feel – that loving your body means looking after it as best you can, by eating healthily and exercising. (The key to my belief here is that – different to what they had meant to me before –…

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    Plus size OOTD: Black maxi dress from Captive8

    The black maxi dress is a classic wardrobe staple – it can be dressed up or down, and easily modified to the season. This one from Captive8 is made from the most wonderful slinky fabric – it has a great weight, and is not too clingy. I also love the V neckline, and the knotted feature at the waist – I find it super flattering. I feel like this dress could be style 1 hundred million ways – here’s my first go: Dress: Captive8 Lipstick: Revlon Hair flower: Hell Razor  Shoes: Queue from Spree Photographer and Stylist: Simone from Yellow Papaya