Body Love Workshop

I am incredibly proud and excited to announce the culmination of my six-year journey as Mind the Curves: A Body Love Workshop.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to take that next step in finding peace and acceptance with their body – but doesn’t know how to start. I’ve rounded up some of the most incredibly inspiring and informed people in the body love community to cover the fundamental pillars of navigating our relationships with our bodies. Join us for a half day of learning, being inspired, connecting with like-minded people, and most importantly – having fun!

Date: 18 April, 2020
Time: 9am – 2pm
Place: Soute, Unit B10, 1st Floor Salt Orchard Precinct, 45 Yew St, Salt River, Cape Town (directions)
Cost: R595*
*includes lunch, drinks, and goodie bag!


More about A Body Love Workshop

Event programme

  • Your Body Love journey: How to start
  • Can you opt out of diet culture and still be healthy? Introducing the Health at Every Size perspective
  • Why diet culture sucks: How to embrace intuitive eating
  • Joyful movement
  • Intimacy and body image

Body Love Workshop speakers

Your host: Meg Ringdal of Mind the Curves

Meg realised her lifelong passion of inspiring women to love and accept their bodies after starting a blog to document her own journey in 2014. She has spent over six years immersing herself in body politics, and has been privileged to contribute to the conversation on television, radio, and a wealth of publications over the years. Most recently, she has worked with health and beauty brand Dove in her capacity as an ‘influencer’, to spread the importance of fostering self esteem in our youth.

Guest speakers:

Lize Stander

Lize is a self-proclaimed non-diet dietitian. She practices from a Health At Every Size and Intuitive Eating perspective, and seeks to support clients to address their relationship with food and their bodies.



Lindsay Klein

Lindsay’s body positive/fat acceptance journey began in the summer of 2017 after a lifelong struggle with yo-yo dieting, exercise obsession and an undiagnosed eating disorder. Since her exposure to the body positive community and subsequently the Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size and Fat Acceptance movements, Lindsay has gone on to complete several courses including the No More Weighting: The Body Trust E-Course led by Dana Sturtevant and Hilary Kinavey and the Stop Fighting Food Master class led by Isabel Foxen Duke. She is now working closely with Lize Stander, a registered dietitian who works in a Health At Every Size (HAES) paradigm, to fight back against diet culture and the insidious messages of weight bias that threaten women on a daily basis, preventing us from living our own wholehearted and very best life. Lindsay has an honours degree in Psychology, and formerly practiced as a Reflexology and Body therapist. She is currently editing the manuscript for her first novel.

Marilu Gabba

Marilu  is a VITA™ Love, Sex & Relationship Coach and the founder of Marilu Gabba Intimacy Practice. She works with individuals and couples to help them find deeper intimacy, both internally and in relation to others.

Jane Sutherland

Jane is an eating disorder warrior who shares her journey calling out fear, shame and diet culture via her Instagram @bravelyjane. She is passionate about breaking stigma around eating disorders and inspiring others to show up and unashamedly take up space. After living trapped and hidden in a ‘binge restrict’ cycle, hating her body and fearing food, Jane found freedom through giving herself permission to feel, heal and connect with her body again. Her greatest joy is coming beside other women in learning we have unconditional permission to eat, feel and be, as we are. She is currently pursuing her degree in Psychology in order to grow in her passion for seeing women empowered and free.


Shirmeez Samaai

Shirmeez Samaai, professionally known as Curve Dancer, is a dancer and a body-positive activist from Mitchell’s Plain. Shirmeez’ love of dance started young – she began ballet and modern dance classes at the age of 4. Eventually, things started changing and she grew up believing that she was too overweight to be a dancer. She instead took an academic path to life and studied Psychology at the University of the Western Cape. When she realized that writing and the throws of being a student is stressful, she started dancing again, and went on to become a Zumba Fitness Instructor and never looked back. The main focus in her classes is body positivity, and through the art of teaching dance, she showed men and women that they are beautiful no matter what. Since posting her first dance video on Instagram in 2018, she has received positive feedback and continued growing as a body-positive activist. She was featured twice in the Daily Voice, was a guest dancer on local TV show Ekse and she was a special guest on YOH radio as well as Bush radio station. She hopes to continue to inspire people to do the things they want to do with their lives without giving it a second thought.

Photography will be done by the incredibly talented Samantha of Sunkissed Studio, and food will be prepared by SA Masterchef finalist Jade De Waal.