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    iPhone photography course in Kalk Bay

    I was recently invited to spend an afternoon learning how to take better photographs with my iPhone. While the thought of ambling around Kalk Bay for an afternoon and upping my photography game already sounded fun to me, I was also secretly hoping that my reluctant insta-husband would join me  and learn a thing or two about taking my OOTDs. Turns out, we both did. The course runs over a couple hours as you make a loop in picturesque Kalk Bay, which has plenty of fodder for budding photographers. Our guide, professional photographer Trevor Samson, starts with a short talk with some key pointers on taking better photographs, and then…

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    Plus size fashion feature: Off-shoulder bandage dress from Queenspark

    You know when you spot something you like online, and then the ad seems to follow you everywhere you go until you finally cave in and get it? So it was with this incredible bandage dress. I probably don’t need to explain what I like about it, but suffice it to say I love the simple, classic classiness of it – I feel kind of like a plus size Jackie O in it. Despite the dress being from Queenspark’s ‘straight size’ offering (they also have a Queenspark Plus line), the cut was accommodating for my curves, and the size 20 left ample space for me. The bandage style, while figure…

  • Plus size fashion feature – Mind the Curves in Queenspark

    Plus size fashion feature: Polkadot swing dress from Queenspark

    While I must admit I do love me a good change in seasons, it’s always a wistful goodbye when I pack my summer frocks away at the end of the warm season, so I’ve been trying to get the most wear out of them as possible before it really is too cold. I spied this classic beauty on my recent Queenspark shopping spree, and knew, even before I tried her on, how perfect she would be for me. The dress is made from a really lovely high quality fabric, and is actually pretty perfect for this inbetween season – it’s not flimsy at all, and with a cardi over my…

  • Mind the Curves in Queenspark

    Plus size fashion feature: Floral bomber jacket from Queenspark

    If it weren’t for our desperate need of rain here in Cape Town, I’d say I wish the weather could always be like this. The skies are sunny and it’s warm enough to be out in a t-shirt, but not so hot that you get all sticky and flustered. I find dressing for this season a challenge though – my winter staples are all far too warm, but those flimsy summer dresses aren’t quite cutting it either. At the same time, I want to get my last few ‘frock days’ in before I have to reluctantly bid them goodbye until warmer days are back again – let’s just face it,…

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    On why I started blogging on the first place

    Oh haaaai. Remember me? I was recently surprised with a link to an interview I did with W24 some time ago, which just got published. Aside from cringing at the sight of myself in video (do I really have such an expressive face?), and lolling my pants off at the fact that it’s filed under ‘celebrity gossip’, it was a little reminder about why I started this whole blog thing in the first place. Give it a watch and let me know what you think. Original article here. Love love love.