Plus size dress: Joolz Fashion V Dress in Lemon and Lavendar

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My fella will be quick to tell you, if the house is quiet and he’s not sure where I am, I’m likely to be snuggled up somewhere on Instagram looking at dresses.

I’d list “looking at dresses” high up there among my favourite things to do to relax (right next to playing a boardgame or watching The Walking Dead).

One of the reasons I like “looking at dresses” so much is the amazing style inspiration, but I also love seeing beautiful women of all shapes and sizes across the world feel beautiful in what they’re wearing. Another reason is that it’s a great way to discover up-and-coming plus size designers – as was the case with Airdrie – better know as Joolz of Joolz Fashion.

I followed Joolz on Instagram for quite some time, always admiring her funky style – colourful and whimsical, feminine, fearless and fun – before I one day realised so many of the outfits she wore that I loved were of her own design. Dude, how cool is that!?

Joolz Fashion plus size V dress in lemon and lavendar

In her bio on Etsy, Airdie explains that she has been designing and making her own clothes for as long as she can remember. “Mum had a sewing machine & made many of our clothes when we were kids (thanks so much for those matching outfits with my sister, Ma!), so it’s never been an unusual choice to sew for myself.”

As a plus size lady herself, she was frustrated by her limited clothing options, so started her own line. “I love dressing up, and I think fashion should be fun, not frustrating! I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I do,” she says.

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I discovered that while Joolz is based in Australia, she retails on Etsy, which is basically the best news ever as it means – guess what? – you can order her stuff from just about ANYWHERE.

If you like quirky patterns like I do it’s definitely worth checking out her line of leggings (THOSE FLAMINGO ONES WILL ONE DAY BE MINE), but at my heart we all know I’m a frock girl through and through, and when I laid eyes on the V Dress in lemon and lavender I knew we were meant for eachother.

Joolz Fashion plus size V dress in lemon and lavendar

The dress is made out of of a lovely cotton. It’s light enough to be worn in summer, but it can also be worn on a colder day with a cardi (made to match by Joolz) and stockings, making it quite a versatile piece.

I totally have a thing for dips on the back, and the V neckline – front and back – that the dress is named after is incredibly classic and flattering. The pleats gather beautifully in the waist to enhance your shape, and the skirt is the perfect fullness – flowy, without making you look like a giant cupcake (although, personally, I don’t have too much of a problem looking like an oversized confectionary).

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My (rude) man says that the pattern makes him think of pyjamas, but personally I like the incongruity – the dress is a little bit unexpected, and I really love that about it, it gives it an edge for me. In a dream world where I could open my closet and anything I pictured would the there before my eyes, I would love to wear this dress with a lavender belt and heels – and ooh, ooh, imagine it with little glovesies!!

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The sweet little cover-up also shouldn’t go without mentioning – it adds just enough warmth to get away with the dress on a sunny winter’s day, without dominating the dress. I think it comes to the perfect length to make it extra flattering – I suspect this won’t be the only outfit it gets incorporated into 🙂

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Did I forget to mention that it has pockets. GUYS, IT HAS POCKETS!

Joolz Fashion plus size V dress in lemon and lavendar

So, if you feel a little shopping spree coming on, go on and support an indie plus size designer – I know I, for one, will be keeping close tabs!

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