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How to do a pin up hairstyle

With all the excitement of my looming shoot with Grinkie Girls photographer Christi Williams, Courtney of Esteem Hair and I set about creating my very own pin-up look.

Because of my medium-length hair and fringe, we decided to go with victory rolls with the rest of my hair down. This is how we did it:

Step one:
Start with clean, dry hair.

Step two:
Curl your hair using your preferred method. We used a GHD to create curls, pinning them as quickly as possible so that they cooled in a pin-curl. Spritz with a workable hairspray (nothing that will make the hair hard and sticky).

Step three:
Drag fingers through curls to get a relaxed look. (Wish my hair could look like this every morning when I wake up.)

Step four:
Draw a parting over the top of your head, from ear to ear. This is known as your contour line. Separate the hair between the contour line and the beginning of your fringe (or hairline if you don’t have a fringe) into two sections. Clip them to hold them in place. Back brush gently at the roots of each of these sections to create a bit of volume. Begin to roll your hair, from end to root, with hair coming from underneath rather than on top. Secure in place using a plentiful supply of bobby pins. Finally, spray the shit out of it with a heavy-duty hairspray.

If you give it a bash, please do send me pics – would love to see how it turns out!



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